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Our Team believes that innovation is driven by the cross-fertilization of ideas between interdisciplinary teams.  Context has ongoing Collaborations with leading research institutions to further our understanding of Sigma1 mechanism of action, drug development, and biomarker identification.  The cornerstone of these Collaborations is an unwavering belief that successful Collaborations are driven by an open exchange of scientific ideas, frequent dialogue, and a patient-first philosophy.


Sigma1 has the potential to address numerous diseases that are driven by aberrant protein homeostasis, proliferation, and immune signaling.  Our Team seeks Collaborators who can expand the current state of the art in Sigma1 biology and identify new uses for Sigma1 compounds for diseases of significant medical unmet need.  

SIGMA1 TOOLKIT.  We strongly believe that the best way to promote collaboration is to provide frictionless access to our potent Sigma1-selective Tool Compounds, assays, and reagents.  If you are interested in accessing the Sigma1 Toolkit, please click on the link below.