advancing Medicines
for hormone driven cancers


our story and vision

Context Therapeutics is dedicated to creating new medicines to treat hormone-responsive (HR+) cancers.

We seek to become a global company that will discover, develop and market groundbreaking cancer treatments to patients around the world, eliminating the fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

Context’s lead program is Apristor®, an investigational Phase 2 drug that is being developed for progesterone receptor positive (PR+) cancers.

advancing medicines for hormone driven cancers

  • Hormone receptor positive (HR+) cancers, including breast, uterine (endometrial), and ovarian cancers are poorly addressed and result in over 75,000 deaths per year in the United States.

  • HR+ cancers are driven by the binding of hormones (e.g., progesterone) to their partner receptors (referred to as “nuclear receptors”).

  • HR+ cancers are poorly responsive to immune oncology (“I-O”) therapeutics due to the inherent “cold” nature of HR+ cancers, lack of cell surface targets, and limited production of neoantigens.

by antagonizing progesterone receptor driven signaling

  • Nuclear receptors are a class of transcriptional regulatory proteins. We are focused on a subset of these receptors that are activated by hormones, in particular the progesterone receptor which is activated by progesterone.

  • Progesterone receptor is enriched in breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancers.

  • Patients are said to be PR positive when > 10% of the cells in their tumor express PR.

  • Unlike existing PR-targeting drugs, only Apristor is selective for PR and has shown robust monotherapy clinical activity.


Re-imagining the Potential for a Progesterone Receptor Antagonist

Nuclear receptors, including the progesterone receptor (PR), are attractive targets for hormone-driven cancers. However, developing therapeutics that selectivity block specific nuclear receptors while retaining sufficient oral bioavailability has limited the potential of this therapeutic class.

Several companies have emerged - the 3rd Generation nuclear receptor companies - to address limitations of prior generations.

Context Therapeutics is a leader in nuclear receptor drug development, with a particular focus on developing progesterone receptor antagonists.

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