Deepak S. Lala, PhD

Deepak S Lala PhD Headshot.png

Dr. Lala is our consulting Chief Scientific Officer. He has 20 years of drug discovery experience at a strategic and operational level in large and small pharmaceutical companies. Before Context he was Executive Director, Biology at Vitae Pharmaceuticals (affiliate of Allergan Inc.) where he played a key role in advancing seven compounds into clinical studies (Phase I/II) for multiple indications. He was also responsible for building and executing translational biomarker approaches for human proof of mechanism studies. Before Vitae, he was Associate Director at Pfizer where he led an anti-fibrosis program leading to a clinical candidate and demonstrating the translatability of preclinical fibrotic biomarkers in the clinic. Prior to that he was a Group Leader at Pharmacia where he created a drug discovery platform to initiate new programs across different therapeutic areas. Before that he worked at Ligand Pharmaceuticals focusing on nuclear receptors as drug targets. Dr. Lala earned his Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Augusta University. He was awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) fellowship to carry out post-doctoral training at Duke University Medical Center.