Next Generation Of Sigma1 Therapeutics


Context is advancing a novel path to treating diseases by targeting Sigma1, a key regulator of mechanisms and pathways that drive cellular protein homeostasis and immune system regulation.

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Our Science

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Sigma1 is a stabilizing protein that regulates client protein quality control and transport.

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Therapeutic Focus

Aberrant Sigma1 function is associated with cancer, fibrosis, and neurodegenerative disease.

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Context has developed biomarker tools to identify those patients who are most likely to benefit from Sigma1 therapy.

our team

Our Team is focused on delivering novel Sigma1 therapeutics to improve the lives of patients with Sigma1-associated diseases.

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Our Partners

The best ideas are often developed through external collaboration. To facilitate collaboration, our Team makes available to academic labs and private research institutes our "Sigma1 Toolkit" that contains potent and selective Sigma1 compounds, screening assays, reagents, and tools. The goal of these relationships is to expand our current knowledge of Sigma1 in Context's Core Indications and to find new uses of our compounds to treat diseases of significant unmet medical need.

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